Our offer includes modern, predominantly abstract paintings with an expressive structure – a relief character that gives every space a stamp of personality.

Like ceramic tiles, in agreement with the client, decorative units are created – painted pictures/reliefs on wooden panels of different dimensions. The layout depends on the wishes and needs of the investor. Pictures/reliefs of smaller dimensions 20cm x 20cm; 30cm x 30cm… are original and affordable – always a welcome gift.

We make framed or unframed pictures/reliefs with a final border strip in black or white.

All works are ready for installation (wall supports suitable for the size and weight of the picture/relief).

Our pictures/reliefs are not classic reliefs – with casting; we apply design materials to wooden panels by building purposeful structures adapted to specific motives and wishes of the client with different tools.

Expressive textures form units in which lower and higher layers alternate. The shapes themselves are dynamic, and the choice of colors emphasizes expressiveness and dynamism. With lighter tones and a pastel color palette, we calm spatial lines, surfaces (strokes), creating a harmonious whole.

We can make decorative pictures/reliefs on wardrobes, sides of furniture, shelves and other functional surfaces.

Art Konculica