About us


We are a young team in development that explores the concept of thinking about the application of art in everyday life through our own artistic expression on objects applicable to interior decoration.
We convey love and formal education in the field of fine arts through modern creativity for the purpose of aesthetic formation of spaces with different purposes.
Under the leadership of Ana Koncul are created decorative and functional items – decorative reliefs and functional ceramic tiles.

Thinking about the market and the dominant space solutions without color, we dared to present the personal experience of the individual by building the product individually, emotionally and personally, by carefully selecting the parts of the imagined whole of our products. Living in a time of uncertainty, burdened with life’s problems, by accumulating stress we spiritually suppress the joy of living and creating. We want to stimulate positive knowledge and feelings with creative works, because the creative game and its result ennoble us as builders of ideas, on the one hand and our clients, on the other, making a mutual transfer of creating beautiful, pleasing to the eye – a space filled with images that encourage a sense of joy, harmony, energy. Bringing pictures into the space expands the creative energy of the individual and conveys the feeling of comfort and necessary productivity. You will admit that choosing a color for the wall is enough to make you feel better, and how many positive feelings does the sight of a picture made just for you / you-your / your space stimulate?!

By creating a material form, we decided to shape every idea, motive and knowledge of that moment into one whole and as such ensure that it is one of a kind and original – unique.
Listening to the needs and wishes of the client, we opted for abstract motifs, creating compositions with symbolic and associative meaning.

About the author

Ana Lončarević Koncul

• Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2002 painting class (Ante Rašić, prof.)
• Handball player on the sand, 2005; polyester, 170 cm; RSC Jarun – handball field on the sand.
• From 2006 to 2018, organizes and participates in the promotion of art education, encouraging artistic expression and children’s artistic achievements by combining painting and sculpting work for ages 8-16.
• In 2005, exhibited sculptures of athletes for the needs of RSC Jarun: Handball, 2005; wire mesh and paper, 190 cm; Veslač, 2005; wire mesh and paper.
• In 2004, organized and artistically designed an exhibition of children’s sculptures made of non-shaped material called When Waste Speaks, Croatian School Museum
• In 1998, she participated in the furnishing of the edition Contemporary literature of Bosnian-Herzegovinian Croats.
• Member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Fine Artists)