Ceramic tiles

Our ceramic tiles, intended for spaces with different functions (private/business), are made in several layers of protection, are hand-painted, resistant to moisture and with proper use to friction (they are maintained by standard use of cleaning agents for wall and/or floor surfaces without applications of wire, steel tools…).

As desired, we create abstract, figurative, associative, recognizable motifs – everything; according to the wishes and needs of the client, regardless of our vision of the importance of abstraction and art solutions that are free from realistic representation and as such have a different effect on observers.
We realize tiles of all dimensions, individually like a picture on the wall or floor, and for larger units (over the entire wall, for example) from a certain number of tiles that, like a puzzle, form a dominant whole – a picture made of tiles on the wall.

The wall covered with our tiles is decorative and functional. The tiles are painted before installation and in one copy, which we guarantee with a stamp; the imagined whole is not repeated in two or more copies – an individual approach to the client. Tiles can be installed on wooden table tops, creating an additional note of the aesthetic value of the useful object.
In painting the tiles, we occasionally emphasize the role of the text, which in a youthful way questions the role of the space in which our tiles are placed – we paint while writing a stimulating text. This type of text writing on tiles, like everything, depends on clients and personal experiences and purpose.