Art Konculica

Remembering the first works

Urban sculpture

Handball player on the sand, 2005;
polyester, 170 cm;
RSC Jarun – beach handball court.

Unfortunately, the sculpture was destroyed due to the inappropriate behavior of hooligans.

The author Ana Lončarević Koncul, inspired by the power of movement and the symbolic influence of colors through the indication of the color of the ball as an indispensable prop and the blue color, which, in this case, signifies the purity of the water surface, the environment – the Blue Flag of RSC Jarun, created a modern sculpture from a metal structure and a polyester sheath.
The sculpture emphasizes the presence of girls in the strong and dynamic role of sports.


Rower, 2005;
wire mesh and paper;

Sculpture is a game of building from non-shaped material – a game in which the function of the material is replaced by the aesthetic role of the form – a representation of a rower.

Handball player, 2004;
wire mesh and paper;
190 cm

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