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Art Week in Milano

One post on Instagram opened the door to a wonderful meeting of creative and positive souls organized by Artemida Experience from Milan. The place of exhibition is the cultural center – CMC (Centro Culturale Milano) from May 7 to 18. 2024. This is a wonderful opportunity for new friendships, new knowledge, a look at a different experience and reflection on fine art.

With this announcement, I would like to thank Mr. Massimiliano Sista and Mrs. Beatrice for the opportunity to present and their communication cordiality.

On this occasion, I exhibited oil on a hardboard, called ‘Bird O’ – it is an example of a combination of abstract and stylized drawing that indicates a recognizable motif, which is a bird. In this picture, I wanted to emphasize the play of clear and unclear – a clear drawing and a vague abstract background made of basic colors and black and white.


This video was taken by miss Laura Irene Di Stefano during exhibition.

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